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Egypt Air Power Symposium 2021

esri North Africa

Silver Sponsor

Esri North Africa is the sole distributor of Esri, the world’s leading geospatial technology provider. With active presence in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan and Chad; Esri North Africa is focused on bringing latest GIS technology to those markets, raising geospatial awareness, supporting customers in building effective geospatial strategies, providing certified training on Esri products and establishing a strong Esri partner network to serve the growing market needs within the digital transformation era; whereas the geospatial dimension is now an integral component of almost all strategic projects in all businesses disciplines, educational institutes, industrial sectors, governmental organizations and NGOs.

Esri NA provides geospatial services that empower people to unlock data’s full potential and make informed and timely decisions by leveraging the power of location intelligence and spatial analytics – The Science of Where

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