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Egypt Air Power Symposium 2021


Platinum Sponsor

MBDA attends the Egypt Air Power Symposium within the framework of EDEX activities.  For MBDA air power means dominance and long range precision.

MBDA's air-to-air and air-to-surface missile systems equip the latest generation of aircraft in service with many of the world’s air forces. These systems include both short range and beyond visual range fire-and-forget weapons designed to ensure the aircraft’s safety as it strives to secure and protect the airspace. To carry out the surface attack mission, MBDA missile systems feature exceptional precision at long, stand-off range. At EDEX MBDA is displaying its best offer, represented by Mica NG IR/RF, Storm shadow/SCALP, SmartGlider, Meteor, Brimstone and MARTE ER, missiles, all integrated in the most advanced air platforms. Particularly, at the edge of technology, MBDA had developed the SmartGlider family, proposed in two formats: light and heavy. SmartGlider forms a family of all-up-round glider weapons, with folding wings and a range of over 100 km and it is designed to counter newly networked short- and medium-range surface-to-air threats, as well as moving/relocatable targets or hardened fixed targets. Smart Glider covers the maximum number of air-to-ground missions from Close Air Support (CAS) to Air Interdiction and Offensive Counter Air (destruction of enemy air assets on the ground) as well as Suppression and/or Destruction of Enemy Air Defence (SEAD/DEAD). SmartGlider definitely represents a new generation of air-to-ground tactical strike weapons for the decades to come.  

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