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Egypt Air Power Symposium 2021


Headline Sponsor

Boeing is happy to sponsor the Egypt Air Power Symposium and host a wide representation of nations. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase defense solutions in support of the African and Middle East security requirements and engage with air forces gather at this exclusive event in Cairo.

Boeing has enjoyed a strong relationship with Egypt since the 1960s. In fact, in 2016, Boeing and EGYPTAIR celebrated 50 years of partnership.

The relationship has also extended to the Egyptian military since they acquired F-4 Phantom IIs in 1979. Since then, the Egyptian military has used many Boeing products including Apache and Chinook helicopters, the Avenger short- range air defense system and Harpoon missile system.

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Boeing has supported the wider region with charitable contributions, establishing and implementing numerous initiatives that focus on STEM education, employability skills, workforce development and entrepreneurship.

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